CO2 via drilling for HDI PCB manufacturing and integrated circuit packaging.

Step up to new levels of precision when drilling blind and through-hole vias in a broad range of PCB and ICP materials.

Innovative CO2 laser technology, new control capabilities and applied expertise gained through decades of engineering leadership in flex, combine to deliver breakthrough levels of accuracy, throughput and yield.


Geode Features



Sound waves shape laser pulses to improve via quality and increase throughput.

Uses sound waves to distribute light to drill different vias without optics path adjustments (no downtime). 


Via density compensation improves via diameter stability, accuracy and throughput.

Integrated structural air flow supports improved thermal equilibrium and simplified maintenance.


Compact and lightweight system architecture allows for more flexibility in system placement and use on production floor.

Easy-access design improves serviceability, decreasing maintenance and service downtime.


Geode combines dramatically increased throughput with the accuracy and flexibility required for advanced 5G applications - all in a smaller, lighter package

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • PCB Manufacturing
  • Integrated Circuit Packaging
  • Substrate Processing
  • System Level Packaging
  • FR4
  • BT
  • ABF
  • PTFE
  • EMC
  • RCC
  • LCP
  • Ceramics
  • Glass


A focus on accuracy, throughput and versatility

  • Via Diameter Range: 35-200um
  • Panel processing: Dual-head two panel system
  • Throughput: Up to 9500 pps
  • Peak Power: 2.5kW
  • Laser Pulse Frequency: Up to 6.5kHz
  • Average Power: >300W@6.5kHz
  • Processing: CDD/Large Window/Conformal Mask/LTH
  • Scan Area: 20x20mm (ESI’s patented Third DynamicsTM beam positioning technology)
  • Scan Frequency (per head): 5200 points per second (500um pitch)
  • Total System Accuracy: +/- 8um mean +3Σ
  • Energy Monitoring: Real time pulse energy monitoring (programmable alarm settings)
  • Panel Height Detection: Touchdown sensor (calibrated to align with camera focus)
  • Automation Panel Autoloader: std, NG panel, Flipping
  • Automation Accuracy (panel to chuck): 500um
  • Panel Size Range: 16”x20” to 22”x24”
  • Panel Thickness Range: 40um - 2000um

As the recognized leader in flex PCB processing, we have decades of applied expertise in laser via drilling and production-oriented Flex PCB laser processing. Learn more about our portfolio of laser via drilling systems and see how you can incorporate flex PCB laser processing to help address flex PCB manufacturing challenges.

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