Increase throughput up to 2X! Reduce overall processing costs by up to 30%.

As a part of ESI’s market-leading family of flex PCB processing systems, CapStone™ leverages ESI’s new laser technology, fluence control and beam positioning. This combination delivers the fastest blind via processing times in the industry and enables FPC processors to process a wider range of materials at high yields and high productivity with minimum process development and maximum uptime.

High-performance laser drives efficiency and lowers costs

The highest UV ns FPC drilling industry repetition rate with optimized laser characteristics delivers higher throughput and wider process windows. Laser designed and tested in high volume 24/7 manufacturing environments to extend laser life and reduce maintenance requirements.

Process a wide range of current and next-generation materials

CapStone applies ESI’s decades of laser-material interaction expertise to provide higher performance. This enables FPC manufacturers to drill high-density designs with an increased yield— while limiting incidental damage.


Building on the 5335’s Third Dynamics™, ESI’s latest evolution of beam positioning technology minimizes heat effects with up to and beyond 10 m/s via drilling process velocities.


CapStone’s blind via processing speeds are significantly higher due to the incorporation of ESI’s new DynaClean™ feature using ESI’s patented esiLens™ technology. In a single pass, DynaClean™ processes both copper opening and dielectric cleaning steps that previously required multiple passes. This eliminates unproductive feature-to-feature movement time and enables significantly faster throughput than the 5335 and other UV laser systems, while delivering the same quality of via formation.

SPOT ON Feature Upgrade

For flexible PCB processors operating in a high-volume, high-precision environment, SPOT ON™ enables them to leverage historical and real-time processing data to optimize throughput, improve quality, and minimize system downtime. Adding the SPOT ON feature to the CapStone system cuts per-panel processing cost over using CapStone alone. With its unique Z-Mapping capabilities. SPOT ON extends focus accuracy and compensates for material or system fluctuations to maintain ideal focus positions.

Capstone Tour


  • Blind via drilling (BHV)
  • Through via drilling (THV)
  • Routing
  • Patterning
  • Skiving
  • Coverlay Routing


  • Polyimide (PI)
  • Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP)
  • Copper-clad Polyimide Laminates (CCL)
    • Adhesiveless
    • With Adhesive
  • Glass-reinforced laminates (FR4, BT, RT Duroid)
  • Coverlay (Polyimide plus Adhesive)


  • Type
    Cross-axis with galvanometer
  • Laser
    esiFlex™ Nanosecond UV
  • Wavelength
    355 nm
  • Pulse Rate
    300 kHz (for via formation)
  • Average Work Surface Power
    >11.4 W @ 300 kHz
  • Panel Size
    533 x 635 mm
  • Accuracy
    ±15 μm |M|+3s over entire panel area
  • Maximum Average Velocity
    10,000 mm/s
  • Controller
    ESI custom DSP-based controller
  • Interface
    Software, mechanical and electrical interfaces provide the capability to attach web and panel material handlers to the system.