Industry-Standard Blind and Through via Production

The 5335™ is a perfect flex PCB laser processing solution for leading-edge flex circuit manufacturing customers. The 5335 laser via drilling machine is a good fit for customers requiring production-oriented flex PCB via drilling for PCB laser processing. It is also a good fit for general micromachining customers looking to take advantage of the state-of-the-art laser processing technology and applied laser expertise built into the 5335 platform.

High-power diode-pumped UV laser for high productivity

The 5335 incorporates a high power diode-pumped laser to enable efficient cutting through copper-clad laminates and lower your processing cost per panel with high productivity.

Third Dynamics™ Technology

Utilizing ESI’s Third Dynamics™ technology, the 5335 delivers industry-leading capabilities for UV laser via drilling and is optimized for processing both flexible circuits and rigid-flexible printed circuit boards. It also addresses other high-accuracy laser processing applications such as routing, patterning, and skiving through a combination of ESI's patented compound beam positioning and solid-state optical technology.

Precision Pulse™ Power Control

Reduce your yield loss even for challenging depth-limited processes using ESI’s industryleading Precision Pulse™ power control. This feature continuously measures and adjusts the energy of every laser pulse that touches your material to ensure robust process quality every time.

Low Cost of Ownership

The Model 5335’s low cost of ownership—along with its high-volume laser manufacturing focus—optimizes your laser processing and production capabilities and puts you in a better position to keep up with the increasingly demanding needs of industries such as consumer electronics, automotive and medical devices.

A range of systems for a range of challenges

  • Precision Pulse™ digital power control
  • Automated vision system for alignment and scaling compensation
  • Easy-to-use Windows 10 interface
  • Multi-language operator user interface
  • Sophisticated process development functionality
  • Comprehensive logging and diagnostics functionality


  • Blind via drilling (BHV)
  • Through via drilling (THV)
  • Routing
  • Patterning
  • Skiving
  • Coverlay routing


  • Polyimide (PI)
  • Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP)
  • Copper-clad Polyimide Laminates (CCL)
    • Adhesiveless
    • With Adhesive
  • Glass-reinforced laminates (FR4, BT, RT Duroid)
  • Coverlay (Polyimide plus Adhesive)


  • Type
    Cross-axis with galvanometer
  • Laser
    Nanosecond UV Nd:YAG
  • Pulse Rate
    40 to 90 kHz (for via formation)
  • Laser Output Power
    11 W
  • Average Work Surface Power
    >6.6 W @ 40 kHz
  • Panel Size
    533 x 635 mm
  • Accuracy
    ±20 µm over entire panel area
  • Maximum Average Velocity
    1000 mm/s
  • Peak Move Speed
    14,000 points per second @ 250 µm spacing
  • Controller
    ESI Custom DSP based controller
  • Interface
    Software, mechanical and electrical interfaces provide the capability to attach web and panel material handlers to the system.