Spare Parts

MKS has an established history of providing exceptional global fulfillment services. As part of our commitment to our customers we ensure that they have the parts they need, when they need them. MKS has strategically placed dedicated parts depots in Europe, Asia and North America to better serve our customers:

Maximizing uptime and reducing total cost of ownership.

  • Hubs in Europe, North America and Asia.
  • Five additional, regional hubs to maximize local coverage and accessibility, specifically in the rapidly growing Asian region.

We offer a range of services, across our product lines, to meet your support needs. Our excellent customer service in conjunction with our support infrastructure are designed to make sure our customers get the right part when they need it.

Spare Parts Programs

  • Onsite Services: MKS Onsite Services defines by system strategic parts that are required onsite to achieve defined productivity requirements. In some circumstances access to onsite spare parts is crucial for maximizing uptime, reducing work in progress, and increasing output. In order to qualify for MKS Onsite Services, a requirements analysis and program definition is required.
  • Advanced Exchange (AE): The AE Program offers customers the opportunity to lower the costs of spare parts while still providing the fastest availability for a critical non-working part.
  • Customer Owned Repair: A key component to cost-effective repair services is Customer Owned Repair. Customer Owned Repairs target parts that are covered by onsite inventory and can be categorized as stock replenishment.