Step up to new levels of precision when drilling blind and through-hole vias in a broad range of PCB and ICP materials.

Innovative CO2 laser technology, new control capabilities and applied expertise gained through decades of engineering leadership in flex, combine to deliver breakthrough levels of accuracy, throughput and yield.

Geode CO2 Via Drilling System in Action

Take a look at the latest innovations for HDI PCB Manufacturing and Integrated Circuit Packaging. Discover how the Geode can help you innovate and stay ahead.

AcceleDrill™ Spatial Distribution in Action

Outpace your competition by increasing your Rigid PCB throughput by drilling multiple via diameters in a single pass. Geode™ will enable you to process an extensive dynamic range of via size without changing the spot size.

HyperSonix™ Time & Power in Action

Your traditional Rigid PCB via drilling system may need several pulses to ablate copper & material, reducing your production yield. Increase your throughput and accuracy with Geode’s pulse chopping capabilities to ablate copper and material with minimal pulses.

RTPC - Monitor & Control in Real Time

Discover how you can increase stability and via quality with the industry’s only real-time power control. Geode™ will enable you to actively manage power fluctuation to ensure higher productivity in your Rigid PCB processing.


Accuracy - Via density compensation improves via diameter stability, accuracy and throughput.


Footprint - Compact and lightweight system architecture allows for more flexibility in system placement and use on production floor.


Integrated structural air flow supports improved thermal equilibrium and simplified maintenance.


Easy-access design improves serviceability, decreasing maintenance and service downtime.

Geode Tour


  • PCB Manufacturing
  • Integrated Circuit Packaging
  • Substrate Processing
  • System Level Packaging



  • Average Power
    >300 W @ 6.5 kHz
  • Peak Power
    2.5 kW
  • Panel Processing
    Dual-head two panel system
  • Panel Size Range
    16x20 in. to 22x24 in.
  • Panel Height Detection
    Touchdown sensor (calibrated to align with camera focus)
  • Part Thickness Range
    40 to 2000 um
  • Energy Monitoring
    Real time pulse energy monitoring (programmable alarm settings)
  • Automation Accuracy
    500 um (panel to chuck)
  • Processing
    CDD/Large Window/Conformal Mask/LTH
  • Scan Area
    20x20mm (ESI’s patented Third DynamicsTM beam positioning technology)
  • Scan Frequency
    (per head): 5200 points per second (500 um pitch)
  • Throughput
    Up to 9500 pps
  • Automation Panel Autoloader
    std, NG panel, Flipping
  • Total System Accuracy
    +/- 8 um mean +3Σ
  • Via Diameter Range
    35-200 um
  • Laser Pulse Frequency
    Up to 6.5 kHz