The world’s most advanced ABF via drilling system

CO2 Laser System for High Precision and High-Speed ABF IC Substrate Manufacturing. Geode’s technology enables a greener manufacturing solution through 21% less floor space 72% less weight and up to 65% less power consumption than the competition.

AcceleDrill™ Spatial Distribution in Action

Outpace your competition by increasing your Rigid PCB throughput by drilling multiple via diameters in a single pass. Geode™ will enable you to process an extensive dynamic range of via size without changing the spot size.

HyperSonix™ Time & Power in Action

Your traditional Rigid PCB via drilling system may need several pulses to ablate copper & material, reducing your production yield. Increase your throughput and accuracy with Geode’s pulse chopping capabilities to ablate copper and material with minimal pulses.

RTPC - Monitor & Control in Real Time

Discover how you can increase stability and via quality with the industry’s only real-time power control. Geode™ will enable you to actively manage power fluctuation to ensure higher productivity in your Rigid PCB processing.


Footprint - Compact and lightweight system architecture allows for more flexibility in system placement and use on production floor.


Accuracy - Via density compensation improves via diameter stability, accuracy and throughput.


The MKS beam characterization tool offers precision in-line laser/optical evaluation and control for improved calibration and via consistency.


Easy-access design improves serviceability, decreasing maintenance and service downtime.



  • Advanced HDI PCB
  • IC Packaging
  • IC Substrate


  • Average Power
    >250 W
  • Peak Power
    100 W
  • Panel Processing
    Dual-head two panel system
  • Panel Size Range
    16x20 in. to 22.05x24.5 in.
  • Panel Height Detection
    Touchdown sensor (calibrated to align with camera focus), Z-Mapping
  • Part Thickness Range
    50 to 3000 um
  • Energy Monitoring
    Real time pulse energy & monitoring (programmable alarm settings)
  • Automation Accuracy
    (panel to chuck): 500 um
  • Processing
    LDD Conformal Mask
  • Scan Area
    12 x 6 mm
  • Load / Unload Automation
    Standard, Standard with NG Function, Panel Flipper with NG Function
  • Total System Accuracy
    <7um |M| + 4σ
  • Via Diameter Range
    30 to 85 um
  • Laser Pulse Frequency
    200 kHz (No rep rate)