Increased Factory Productivity and Yield with Higher Throughput and Improved Accuracy

The Geode™ G2 Laser Drilling System is the next generation of ESIs most advanced CO2 solution for drilling HDI microvias. Offering higher productivity and greater flexibility in processing both PCB and ICP materials. Combining a powerful CO2 laser with innovative HyperSonix™ technology for advanced energy control capabilities delivering breakthrough productivity, precision, and yield.

Advanced Acceledrill™- Increase Flexibility and Via Quality

Outpace your competition by increasing throughput by drilling multiple via diameters in a single pass. Geode™ will enable you to process an extensive dynamic range of via size without changing the spot size. Provinding best-in-class recipe development flexibility for new developing materials.

HyperSonix™ Innovation- Higher Throughput & Precise Power Control

Your traditional Rigid PCB via drilling system may need several pulses to ablate copper & material, reducing your production yield. Increase your throughput and accuracy with Geode’s pulse chopping capabilities to ablate copper and material with minimal pulses.

RTPC - Monitor & Control in Real Time

Discover how you can increase stability and via quality with the industry’s only real-time power control. Geode™ will enable you to actively manage power fluctuation to ensure higher productivity in your Rigid PCB processing.


Footprint - Compact and lightweight system architecture allows for more flexibility in system placement and use on production floor.

  • 72% lighter than competitors
  • Up to 42% more drilling capacity
  • Up to 65% lower power consumption


Easy-access design improves serviceability, decreasing maintenance and service downtime.

BCT – Beam Characterization Tool

Available as a configurable option at system order the beam characterization tool allows for a lower cost of ownership by eliminating the need for a calibration coupon through automated run-time calibration while providing advanced beam quality monitoring.  BCT features include:

  • The BCT includes an additional sensor in the system optics path.
  • The BCT measures multiple Z-heights to provide the best focus and determines laser spot quality by scanning over an aperture.
  • The system camera determines the position of the aperture and then combines the data points to determine the position of the laser relative to the camera

VDC™ Accuracy

Via density compensation improves via diameter stability, accuracy and throughput.


  • Glass-woven Reinforced Epoxy Resin (FR4)
  • Bismaleimide-Triazine Resin (BT)
  • Ajinomoto Build-Up Film® (ABF)
  • Resin-Coated-Copper (RCC)
  • Teflon (PTFE)
  • Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP)
  • EMC
  • Ceramics
  • Glass


  • Peak Power
    2.5 kW
  • Energy Monitoring
    Real time pulse energy monitoring (programmable alarm settings)
  • Automation Panel Autoloader
    Standard, Standard with NG offset function, Panel Flipper with NG function
  • Total System Accuracy
    VS: +/- 8um |M| + 4σ
    S: +/- 8um |M| + 4σ
    L: +/- 10um |M| + 4σ
  • Via Diameter Range
    Target Ranges:
    VS: 28-75 um
    S: 35-90 um
    l: 60-200 um
  • Application
    S: SLP, mSAP, HDI
    L: HDI
  • Laser Pulse Frequency
    Up to 6.5 kHz