Flex PCB Processing

Meet the challenges of flex PCB processing

The primary challenges manufacturers face are related to processing materials and components at an ever-smaller scale and ever-higher levels of precision.

As the world’s leading innovator in flex laser via drilling solutions, ESI applies decades of laser, optics, and motion control expertise to the application challenges customers face, ranging from simple coverlay cutting to the advanced high-speed blind via drilling and circuit patterning processes. Our family of flex solutions are engineered to deliver the combination of speed, accuracy, and performance our customers need to elevate production and push the boundaries of possibility.

Flex PCB Components Driving Mobile Device Innovation

Via Drilling Solutions for the Evolving Challenges Faced in Flexible PCB Fabrication

  • Flex PCB Processing - ESI's flex PCB laser processing systems excel in accuracy, power control, reliability and productivity. We help our customers achieve higher quality production output with higher yields and lower overall cost of ownership.
  • Flex PCB Automation - Maintain high-volume manufacturing with flex PCB materials. RollMaster™ by Northfield Automation extracts maximum performance out of your ESI flexible circuit laser drilling tools.

Increase the Performance for CapStone™ Flex PCB Drill Systems with SpotOn™

SPOT ON™ increases performance by delivering a dynamic beam focus capability to high-production Flex PCB manufacturing. This capability enables beam location and control through automated z-mapping and dynamic z-control. With the SPOT ON™ feature, the CapStone™ system maps inconsistencies in height between the chuck, overlay, and panel. Once mapped, the system automatically adjusts the beam spot to deliver quality vias without waste.

Flex PCB Laser System Guide

RedStone XP System
RedStone XP
Overview  Highest Throughput & via Quality  Flex Industry Standard Economincal System with Broad Capabilities  Economincal System with Precision Pulse™  Shortest Pulse Widths with High Reliability
Value Scale ✓✓✓✓ ✓✓✓ ✓✓ ✓✓
Positioning  Advanced Tertiary Positioning Tertiary Positioning Stage and Galvo Positioning Stage and Galvo Positioning Stage and Galvo Positioning
Maximum Average Velocity 10,000 mm/s 1,000 mm/s 500 mm/s 500 mm/s 500 mm/s
Peak Move Speed 14,000 points per second 2,000 points per second 2,000 points per second 2,000 points per second
Laser esiFlex™ ns UV ns UV Nd:YAG  ns UV  ns UV fs Green Fiber
Pulse Rate 300 kHz (for via) 40 to 90 kHz (for via)  100-200 kHz  100-300 kHz  Up to 1 MHz
Average Work Surface Power  11.4 W @ 300 kHz  6.6 W @ 40 kHz  14 W @ 100 kHz  7.8 W @ 1 MHz