Laser Precision and Accuracy to Drive Innovation

Innovation continues to drive the market for technology products. Whether it involves mobile devices, wearables, Internet of Things devices or any of the other myriad electronic devices in our pockets, on our wrists and in our homes, the primary challenges faced by manufacturers are related to the processing of materials and components at an ever-smaller scale and at ever-higher levels of precision. The modern electronic components that are the building blocks of modern technology products, along with the cases and housings that comprise their form factor, need to keep pace with this requirement for smaller size and higher precision in order to stay competitive.

Can you stay competitive if you can’t innovate?

For component manufacturers that means continually evolving their processing capabilities to address challenges driven by new requirements such as smaller die sizes, higher interconnect density, tighter line spacing and new materials. For micro-manufacturers it means not only formulating effective strategies for precise and accurate processing at very small sizes, but also for addressing a wider range of material types to meet stringent requirements for form factor, including tighter tolerances and higher quality fit & finish.

ESI’s decades of applied laser expertise and our focus on precision and accuracy helps our customers meet the challenges posed by small scale and new materials. To help customers meet those challenges, ESI’s laser-based manufacturing systems employ unique technology, such as our patented Third Dynamics™ processing methodology. Coordinating a combination of nine control elements, Third Dynamics allows ESI systems to machine, mark, singulate and drill to your most exacting specifications. Technology innovation is a hallmark of ESI, and it continues to be a driving force in the worldwide adoption of ESI systems.

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