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ESI understands that every decision to invest in capital equipment involves your anticipated cost of ownership. We place a high priority on cost of ownership issues when we are engineering the systems that you will rely on to deliver the production results you need.

Can you stay competitive if you can't minimize equipment costs?

Our understanding of the technology and the applications for our laser-based manufacturing systems helps us design for minimal cost of ownership from the start. With a range of laser options that covers specific applications, our systems offer the speed, accuracy and production throughput that facilitates high-volume manufacturing. Also, with the technology expertise gained from over 40 years of laser-material interaction, ESI engineers unique solutions to challenges related to the use of new materials or new techniques in production. By engineering systems that enable our customers to realize high-quality results without sacrificing throughput, ESI delivers low cost of ownership that drops straight to the bottom line.

ESI systems are designed to provide better manufacturing quality, higher serviceability and the ease of operation that maximizes system uptime. Since ESI systems excel in delivering the accuracy, power control and reliability that you need to achieve lower overall cost of ownership they're the right solution for applications ranging from the most simple cutting to today’s most advanced microvia drilling and circuit patterning processes.

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