Test to a higher quality standard.

Test the latest-generation larger-size chips at ultra-high throughput while minimizing damage.

Allegro XP - high-speed testing and sorting of MLCCs

Low-impact ultra high-speed processing from a market leader in MLCC testing.

Allegro XPTM delivers the levels of precision demanded by leading MLCC manufacturers producing larger and higher-voltage chips for applications in industries such as automotive, IoT, handheld devices and commercial communication equipment.

Incorporating ESI-pioneered technologies, Allegro XP reliably performs high-throughput production-level electrical testing of the latest-generation high-voltage chips at rates of up to one million parts per hour: the highest testing throughput in the industry.

Our low-impact rotary chip handling technology maintains throughput while minimizing testing-related chip damage. Patented pulse-actuated contacts minimize termination marking and maintain contact integrity. Allegro XP also accommodates up to 25 test stations simultaneously performing multiple tests, with ease-of-configuration allowing for fast change-over to various production-run testing setups.
This latest addition to ESI’s Allegro family provides the flexibility and reliability  MLCC manufacturers need to test a wide range of chip sizes at the full range of capacitance. Allegro XP delivers an exceptionally low cost of ownership, consistently high throughput and higher testing yield.


High-speed testing and sorting of high-cap multilayer ceramic capacitors.

  • Mobile Devices
  • Commercial Communications Equipment
  • Automotive
  • IoT Devices
  • Personal Computers
  • MLCC Testing
  • MLCC Sorting
  • MLCCs


Precision in motion, designed for flexibility.

  • Testing for Higher-Voltage Applications up to 1kV
  • Ultra High-Speed Processing at rates of up to 16,666 parts per minute (1,000,000 parts per hour)
  • Tests chip sizes of 0603-1210 (1608-3225 metric)
  • Addresses the Full Range of Capacitance: 120 Hz/1 kHz & 1 MHz
  • Improved motion, tooling and handling
  • Supports up to eight active stations