System Relocation & Transfer Policy

Welcome to ESI System Relocation and Transfer Information Site. ESI is a company that is built on its intellectual property and its people, working together to provide world class products and services that deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction to you – our valued customer.

ESI includes with each ESI system a software license agreement governing the use of the incorporated software. When a customer purchases a system from ESI, the customer also agrees to abide by the terms of that license agreement, providing that the software license may not be transferred to a third party unless such transfer is in accordance with ESI System Relocation and Transfer Policy.

As a prospective buyer of used ESI systems, you should contact ESI local sales office and follow the system transfer process in order to protect your investment and our intellectual property rights:

You must submit the ESI Software License Transfer Agreement and may be required to pay applicable license transfer fee before ESI considers you to be the valid owner and qualifies the system as properly registered and eligible for any customer support, upgrades and other services.

If you choose to work directly with a third party broker to have a used ESI system transferred to you, and fail to follow this policy, you will not be considered as a legitimate user of the ESI system, and ESI will not provide any customer support, upgrades or other services. ESI will work with you to bring a system into compliance with the transfer process, if such compliance is possible.

After receiving signed License Transfer Agreement and applicable license transfer fee, ESI will register you in our support database as the new user of the system, execute the License Transfer Agreement which will also serve as a site service certificate, provide a one time software update to the latest version, and you will be eligible for customer support and qualified to enter into a service agreement with ESI.

ESI does not provide service support for obsolete systems and will not provide any license for such systems.

License Transfer Fee

Buyers of used ESI systems who are not currently registered ESI customers shall pay the full license transfer fee. For current ESI customers who are registered users of ESI systems, ESI will charge a reduced license transfer fee for the acquired used ESI system.

As an alternative, ESI offers the option of waiving the license transfer fee if you commit to a non-refundable one-year service agreement with ESI. For details, please contact ESI sales directly.

ESI does not charge a fee for the license transfer for the following scenarios:

  1. Intra-Company relocations to another site either domestically or internationally.
  2. Relocation and transfer to an Affiliate either domestically or internationally. An Affiliate includes (a) a company or other entity which is majority (≥50%) owned or controlled by the registered owner of the ESI system; and (b) a company or other entity which is majority (≥50%) owned or controlled by a parent company which owns or controls 50% or more outstanding interest of the registered owner.
  3. Relocation or transfer to a new entity as a result of acquisition or merger of the registered owner of the ESI system.
  4. Leasing company transfers the ESI system to the initial lessee.

If you are dealing with a third party entity, and are unsure of the model number, serial number, or history of a particular ESI system you are considering for purchase, we urge you to contact ESI Support directly for accurate information.

ESI System Relocation and Transfer Policy is subject to change without notice.