Go beyond the accuracy of the human eye to inspect micron level tolerances.

Control quality of stents, heart frames, and other laser cut medical device components.

Millions of stents, heart valves, and components are tested in the medical industry each year with ESI's portfolio of market-leading metrology systems.  Our systems go beyond dimensional inspection to include defect detection for a wide range of critical and cosmetic defects.  Now you have an option to sustain the highest level of quality and accuracy at the smallest scale without relying on traditional video inspection machines, optical comparators or microscopes.

Ultrafast, precisely accurate measurement and inspection systems to:

  • Control quality of stents, heart frames, and other laser-cut medical device components.
  • Prevent escapes of life-threatening defects.
  • Control inspection costs.

Stent Measurement & Defect Detection

Shipping a medical device that doesn't meet specifications can create a life-threatening situation. Sierra systems provide high-speed metrology and fast defect detection to ensure that your production line is in control.

Transcatheter Heart Valve Metrology Systems

Sierra 5th-Axis accelerates THV measurement. We designed it specifically for THV and similar non-cylindrical components, and this focus resulted in the fastest, most accurate metrology solution.

As the recognized leader in measurement and defect detection of medical device components, our FDA-validated automated inspection systems provide the industry's highest throughput. Discover how you can incorporate automated inspection in your manufacturing process.