Precision flex material handling. Incorporate thin or sensitive flex materials into your production-oriented processing flow without sacrificing quality.

Maintain high-volume manufacturing with flex PCB materials.

RollMaster Plus™ by Northfield Automation extracts maximum performance out of your ESI flexible circuit laser drilling tools. Blaze through material using ESI Model 5335’s maximum 1.5G stage acceleration with the RollMaster Plus' proprietary lightweight dancer design. Reduce your cycle time with RollMaster Plus' high-speed web indexing.  

RollMaster Plus handles your delicate flexible circuit material with a soft touch. Its responsive ultra-light dancer design avoids web wrinkle and reduces web distortion with even your thinnest flexible circuit materials. Air turn bars enable no-touch, no-damage motion even at the highest speeds and acceleration.

RollMaster Plus adjusts to your processing needs. Move and replace the handler without realignment to enable fast transitions between panel and R2R production. Quickly shift between roll core diameters with its unique roller design. Further configure the RollMaster Plus with options such as splice stations, web cleaners, interleaf rollers and more.


Engineered for production.

  • Flex PCB Laser Processing
  • Web handling compatible with ESI’s flexible circuit laser drilling tools
  • Web widths between 150-520mm
  • Roll weight up to 70kg
  • Roll outer diameter up to 400mm
  • Films and laminates as thin as 12um and below


Efficiency is built in.

  • Web width: 150-520mm
  • Edge guidance: 100μm accuracy
  • Feed rate: 1.5G acceleration
  • Maximum index distance: 635mm
  • Spindle diameter: Interchangeable 75 & 150mm

As the recognized leader in flex PCB processing, we have decades of applied expertise in laser via drilling and production-oriented Flex PCB laser processing. Learn more about our portfolio of laser via drilling systems and see how you can incorporate flex PCB laser processing to help address flex PCB manufacturing challenges.

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