Laser Direct Drilling

Drilling process used for via formation (BVH & LTH) in a variety of dielectric materials, typically requiring some pre process preparation (thinned Cu, oxide treatment, etc.). The first LDD pulse (or burst) is critical in this via drilling process, as it typically defines the via opening size and roundness.
Outer Cu layer is removed by the laser

3-12um Cu: oxide required
<3um Cu: no oxide required

Process Limitations

  • Cu thickness and aspect ratio may limit maximum diameter
  • Infrared absorption of untreated Cu is very low and requires additional surface treatment to the outer layer of Cu such as an oxide ("black" or "brown")
  • Oxide performance can vary (see next slide)


  • High throughput
  • Low processing cost for HVM

See the Geode CO2 Laser Via Drilling System in action.

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