Laser Processing 5G podcast

Building the I-5G Corridor

In this our pilot episode, we spend 15 minutes interviewing Cliff Zhang Ph.D., Director of Product Marketing at MKS. Cliff discusses how the increased speed of 5G will bring new services to consumers and businesses. We also discuss how manufacturers need to think through new material and design specifications to create the devices and infrastructure to support the arrival of 5G.


  • Looking for more details? View the Beyond the Photon Video Edition: Are your laser capabilities ready for 5G? by Cliff Zhang
    • This video goes more in-depth into the new materials and processes needed to build 5G components.
    • Insights to evaluate your laser capabilities
  • Product details on the Capstone Flex PCB Laser Processing System
  • Product details on the Geode HDI Rigid PCB Laser Processing System


Beyond the Photon Podcast Series

Beyond the Photon is a 15-minute interview with experts in the world of lasers, photonics, material interactions, PCB design, cutting edge scientists, and engineers, all dedicated to transforming our world through technology. So sit back, plug in the earphones and let us bring you interviews and insights on what is coming, what is needed, and why it matters in the world of laser-material interaction—time to go beyond the Photon.