Beyond the Photon: Long Live the Via

In this special edition episode of Beyond the Photon, we got the opportunity to sit down with Senior Director of Product Marketing, Todd Templeton. Todd spends his time living, breathing, and thinking about how MKS can build laser via drilling systems that enable flex and rigid PCB fabricators to produce what's next in the world of printed circuit boards.

Todd explains how MKS leverages critical innovations from our industry-leading flex drilling systems to meet the Rigid PCB market needs. Provides insights into our customers via drilling challenges as they shift to new materials and the culture of innovation within MKS.

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Meet our Guest: Todd Templeton, Senior Director of Product Marketing, MKS Instruments

Over the past 25 years, Todd has fine-tuned his product marketing skills for discovering market opportunities, understanding true customer needs, and bringing innovative systems to markets. In his previous company, Todd successfully managed the flagship product line bringing in over $1B worth of revenue over a 10-year span.

At MKS, Todd is responsible for leading cross-functional engineering, product, and marketing teams. Providing Flex PCB Laser Drilling, Rigid PCB Laser Drilling, and MLCC testing solutions to help our partners produce components that push the boundaries of what’s possible. Systems that increase precision, improve yield and drive production at a lower total cost of ownership. Todd studied mechanical engineering at Brigham Young University and Washington State University, ultimately earning his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State.

When he is not leading innovation within the MKS|ESI product team, he can be found with his family adventuring in the great outdoors and honing his photography skills.

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