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In this innovation episode of Beyond the Photon, we got the opportunity to sit down with our Flex Engineering Senior Manager, Joe Hasty. Joe spends his days thinking about the who, what, when, and how of bringing innovations to the MKS Flex PCB Laser Drilling Systems.

Joe explains the challenges of staying ahead of the innovation curve in flex via drilling, the importance of having multiple engineering disciplines working together, the role of software in systems development, and provides an insight into the future of automation in manufacturing. He also explains how the James Webb Telescope works and perhaps reveals the secret meaning of the prism on the Dark Side of the Moon album cover.

Episode Resources:

  • Product details on the CapStone™ Laser Flex PCB Laser Processing System
  • Learn more about our flex PCB processing solutions.
  • Details on the Laser Focus World Innovation Award delivered to the Capstone™ System.

Meet our Guest: Joe Hasty, Senior Flex Engineering Manager, MKS Instruments

Over the past 15 years, Joe has built a wide range of technical experience within the PCB manufacturing capital equipment industry and developed a wide range of technical skills in software development and leading engineering teams that have launched award-winning laser drilling systems.

Currently, Joe is the senior engineering manager for a multi-disciplinary team, including systems, software, electrical, mechanical, and applications engineering. He is responsible for New Product Introduction (NPI), sustaining, and continuous improvement. At MKS, he sits on the Enterprise Risk Management team and the E&S Laser Systems Patent Committee.


Adaptive Part Profile Creation via Independent Side Measurement with Alignment Features US US14962732, WO 2016/109130 A1 · Filed Dec 8, 2015

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