Beyond the Photon: HDI Episode

In this HDI episode of Beyond the Photon, we go the opportunity to spend 15 minutes discussing everything HDI with Chris Ryder, Director of Product Marketing at MKS.  Chris gives his insights into why miniaturization trends and 5G are driving smaller via sizes and requirements for new base materials.  We learn about new MKS innovations and wrap up with a quick discussion on the 2021 HDI market.  

Episode Resources:

  • Watch the Inside Making a Via series highlighting critical features of the Geode™ that will help revolutionize your PCB manufacturing.
    • Acceledrill: Uses sound waves to distribute light to drill various vias without optics path adjustments (no downtime).
    • Hypersonix: Sound waves shape laser pulses to improve via quality and increase throughput
    • Real-Time Power Control: Discover how you can actively manage power fluctuation to ensure higher productivity in your PCB processing.
  • Product details on the Geode HDI Rigid PCB Laser Processing System
  • Learn more about our HDI Solutions.

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