Monitor design tolerances with confidence

Get FDA-Validated automated inspection systems with the power of the industry’s highest throughput

ESI delivers metrology inspection systems that test the millions of stents, heart valves, and components that are manufactured in the medical industry each year.  Our systems go beyond dimensional inspection to include defect detection for a wide range of critical and cosmetic defects.  Now you have an option to sustain the highest level of quality and accuracy at the smallest scale without relying on traditional video inspection machines, optical comparators or microscopes.

Metrology applications include:

  1. Coronary stent measurement and defect detection
  2. Endovascular stent measurement and defect detection
  3. Measurement of tapered areas
  4. Measurement of barbs



ESI’s measurement systems evolve your production environment beyond the capabilities of human inspection to improve quality, consistency, and throughput while reducing your cost per part.   Receive micron level measurement for width, thickness, and length for both cylindrical and non-cylindrical features.

Part sizes:

  • Coronary stents of any length, with diameters from 1.25-6 mm
  • Endovascular stents up to 200 mm in length, with diameters from 5-12 mm

Defect Detection

Catch critical defects with ESI's production-tested defect detection technology. Detect form defects with or without CAD data. Detect surface cosmetic defects using our patented illumination designed specifically for electropolished metal surfaces.

Selected defect types:

  • Broken strut
  • Narrow strut
  • Wide strut
  • Bent strut
  • Sharp edge
  • Intrusion (mouse bite)

As the recognized leader in measurement and defect detection of medical device components, our FDA-validated automated inspection systems provide the industry's highest throughput. Discover how you can incorporate automated inspection in your manufacturing process.