How Does Japanese Kiragami Inspire Flexible Circuit Design?


Breaking the Solar Powered Land Speed Record

Meet "Dawn", the solar-powered speed machine developed by students at the the prototype vehicles lab at California Polytechnic State University.  This vehicle designed with 605 individual solar cell panels can reach 100km/hr with out a battery.  Plus the car has no steering wheel adding to it's over all cool factor.

Here come the VCSEL applications

From face recognition to autonomous cars new applications within consumer-facing market segments are driving demand for the VCSEL functionality. I guess the old rule of never shining a laser in your little brother's eye is not off the table.  (right: A Finisar wafer on which VCSEL devices are fabricated Credit: Finisar/Apple.)

Japanese Kirigami Inspires Design of Flexible Circuits

 Discover how a team of researchers from the University of Buffalo is applying and ancient Japanese paper art to create foldable, bendable circuits for flexible electronic applications.  This takes origami arts and crafts class to a whole new level.

Seeing Double with the Industry of Things

Interesting story on how industrial companies are using digital technologies to make a digital representation of their assets to monitor to maximize productivity and reduce potential costs. 

Welcome to the Evolution of Flexible, Hybrid and Printed Electronics

Dig into an overview of the present and future of flexible, hybrid and printed electronics which can appear in any application from sensors to wearables.  Discover how the US Olympic team brought the technology to their winter gear.

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