Affordable versatility.

A CO2 laser solution for HDI via drilling that leverages ESI’s laser expertise for PCB and substrate processing.

Rigid PCB Via Drilling

High-volume manufacturing of HDI PCBs requires blind (BHV) and through-hole (LTH) via processing; these vias are typically created with laser drills, which offer fast, reliable, and cost-effective processing at a miniaturized scale. ESI’s HDI systems enable HDI manufacturers to drill vias in a broad range of copper-clad base materials such as glass-woven reinforced epoxy resins (FR4) or other specialty materials. For PCB manufacturers of HDI boards, CO2 laser processing is the optimal choice for overall lower cost of ownership. ESI leverages our expertise in laser processing and our proven track record of success in laser-based systems — especially in the flexible PCB manufacturing segment, where ESI is the clear market leader — and applies it to the HDI manufacturing segment. Our solutions are engineered to provide great reliability at high-quality output with the industry’s lowest cost of ownership, and backed by ESI’s professional service and support organization with local offices through the world.

CO2 via drilling for HDI PCB manufacturing.

Take advantage of our powerful new CO2 laser and a new set of control capabilities.

  • PCB Manufacturing
  • Integrated circuit packaging
  • Substrate processing
  • System level packaging

SLP/mSAP Applications

Leverage ESI’s decades of laser-material interaction experience and application expertise to innovate and stay ahead.

  • High thermal control through Hypersonix (low OH and no thin bottom Cu damage)
  • Highest industry throughput with 3rd Dynamics
  • Drill without oxide treatment for Cu thickness <3um

ICP Applications

Discover the innovative technology features to meet your precise production demands.

  • Precision Power Control for ultra thin materials
  • High Diameter Integrity and low OH with AcceleDrill
  • Hypersonix Intra-pulse drilling – One-shot recipe for maximum throughput

For industries facing material transformation challenges in production,  we apply unique process and engineering expertise to deliver a set of laser-based solutions that extend our customers’ processing capabilities beyond the limitations of mechanical.

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