A range of market-leading production-oriented solutions for MLCC testing, circuit trimming and wafer trimming.

ESI's focus on precision and accuracy meets the most demanding trim requirements.

A range of solutions to address the challenges faced by passive component manufacturers.

ESI delivers laser tools and other systems that facilitate the manufacture of passive components including test and measurement, precision thin film chip r and thick film chip r laser trimming, chip inspection, as well as associated replacement tooling, carrier plates and belts.   High throughput and reliability to cost-effective manufacturing Miniature multi-layer ceramic passive (MLCP) components are used in volume in nearly all types of electronic circuitry. ESI offers automated test, termination, high-speed handling and visual inspection equipment with the high throughput and reliability needed to enable cost-effective manufacturing of MLCPs and other components, such as arrays, inductors and varistors.

MLCC Test Solutions

ESI’s high-volume MLCC testing systems are engineered to deliver production-oriented testing of multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) at productivity rates of up to 14,000 chips per minute. With the flexibility to test MLCCs from <1pF to 100µF, ESI’s MLCC testing systems provide the processing flexibility and range to optimize production and minimize per unit testing costs.

CircuitTrim® Solutions

As discreet chip resistor manufacturers face the challenges presented by an increasingly commodity-driven market and the further miniaturization of electronics, ESI’s CircuitTrim® solutions for thin and thick film Chip-R laser trimming systems help maintain production throughput and maximize yields.

Wafer Trim Solutions

The M350 is a fully integrated state-of-the-art laser trimmer and wafer prober system. It delivers seamless integration with ESI’s enhanced tester Interface software and real-time tester interface hardware to provide the flexibility and performance you need to maintain production throughput.

Tooling and Consumables Solutions

Quality replacement machine tooling maximizes performance for high-volume chip processing applications. ESI offers a broad selection of sizes and types of replacement tooling for our test and termination equipment to help you maximize throughput and minimize manufacturing downtime.

As a leader in MLCC, ESI can address your needs for replacement carrier plates and belts for production MLCC processing.

  • Silicone rubber carrier plates provide high-density loading of parts for high-volume chip processing operations.
  • Quality replacement belts maximize high-density loading of parts for high-volume chip processing applications.

For industries facing material transformation challenges in production,  ESI applies unique process and engineering expertise to deliver a set of laser-based solutions that extend our customers’ processing capabilities beyond the limitations of mechanical.

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