Laser Microfabrication

Stay one pulse ahead with flexible production capabilities for a wider range of materials.

laser applications for high production

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Delivering components for a breakthrough design that has never been manufactured before? ESI partners with the world’s most innovative manufacturers who use laser micromachining tools for laser materials processing to deliver products to market faster, at a lower cost, with increased precision and higher overall yield. ESI's laser manufacturing systems speed laser materials processing, employing interchangeable optics, laser engines, and stages. ESI's laser micromachining platforms deliver excellent value and a relatively low overall cost of ownership. If you're using industrial lasers for manufacturing, our laser manufacturing systems are an excellent fit to optimize your production laser processing operation.


Apply unique engineering expertise to transform large format material.

The Garnet micromachining platform is ESI’s low cost of ownership platform built in China for fast delivery to Chinese manufacturing. Optimized to deliver high volume production throughput for laser drilling on large format materials at the  highest accuracy of a mid range laser on a 300x300mm stage. The platform takes advantage of ESI’s built-in-design extendibility  for multiple lasers, optics and stage configurations to meet the short ramp time needed to build your next device.

The Garnet can be easily configured to accommodate a wide variety of laser sources with different powers, wavelengths and pulse widths, from nanosecond to femtosecond, to optimize processes for a broad spectrum of materials. An ESI-proprietary real-time control system synchronizes the timing of laser pulses with laser beam positioning and movement of the work surface.

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  • Engraving
  • Cutting
  • Marking
  • Aluminum
  • Organics
  • Stainless Steel

ESI’s most powerful laser tool for PCB cutting

The Garnet Depaneling-20 is ESI’s most powerful laser tool designed for flexible and rigid PCB cutting applications.  Built in China for fast delivery to Chinese manufacturing.  Optimized for precision and high production throughput to maximize your production cycle over the market's less reliable laser tools that require frequent calibration and maintenance to remain operational in production environments. Now you can meet yield requirements, reduce overall production costs and build for future production opportunities with a single tool that is engineered to eliminate constant callibaration and built to provide consistent up time.  


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  • DSSP
  • 355nm
  • 40 Khz-300KHZ (20w)
  • 300 x 300 mm
  • Single fixture processing

Apply engineering expertise to transform unique materials.

Lumen is the most flexible cross-industry laser micromachining platform available on the market today. Its base module can accept a broad range of laser engines spanning the pulse width and wavelength spectrum. The control software exposes only those process parameters relevant to the selected laser cutting configuration fast and easy. 

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  • Laser Cutting
  • PCB Depaneling
  • Metals
  • Organics
  • Assembled PCBs

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