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The automotive industry is not only a massive market in real size with roughly 1,015 billion vehicles in the world, but the industry is also leading a revolution in integrating components for connectivity, electronic sensors, and autonomous driving. The automotive innovation is fueled by advances in 5G, advanced antennas, artificial intelligence, and IoT.  

ESI’s laser micromachining systems are engineered like no other to deliver maximized yield at an unmatched value per photon. Now you can provide advanced components with increased precision and speed in a high production environment.

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5G Connectivity Laser Via Drilling
High-performance computing Packaging

Laser Scribing
Laser Dicing
Via Drilling

Design form factors Aesthetics/Usability


High yield manufacturing Functionality

Component testing


Apply unique engineering expertise to transform large format material.

The Garnet micromachining platform is ESI’s low cost of ownership platform built in China for fast delivery to Chinese manufacturing. Optimized to deliver high volume production throughput for laser drilling on large format materials at the  highest accuracy of a mid range laser on a 300x300mm stage. The platform takes advantage of ESI’s built-in-design extendibility  for multiple lasers, optics and stage configurations to meet the short ramp time needed to build your next device.

The Garnet can be easily configured to accommodate a wide variety of laser sources with different powers, wavelengths and pulse widths, from nanosecond to femtosecond, to optimize processes for a broad spectrum of materials. An ESI-proprietary real-time control system synchronizes the timing of laser pulses with laser beam positioning and movement of the work surface.

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  • Engraving
  • Cutting
  • Marking
  • Aluminum
  • Organics
  • Stainless Steel

Affordable versatility in CO2 laser via drilling for HDI applications.

nViant provides a CO2-based laser microvia drilling solution with a unique combination of high-quality via formation and high-accuracy, in a robust via drilling system that delivers high-volume laser processing throughput at a competitive price point. Maintain your PCB laser processing production throughput for HDI applications without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

The nViant via drilling system precisely drills blind (BHV) and through-hole vias (LTH) in coppercladded, glass woven reinforced materials (FR-4) at a typical range of 40 to 300µm, and enables pcb laser processing customers to Include rigid HDI processing as part of a broader portfolio of services and at a lower cost of ownership, while leveraging the experience of a laser systems provider that has a demonstrated history of applied laser expertise.

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  • HDI PCB via drilling
  • Substrate Processing
  • FR4
  • BT
  • ABF
  • PTFE

High-Throughput MLCC Testing

Allegro performs high-throughput production-level electrical testing of multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) and is designed to meet the testing challenges faced by MLCC manufacturers. Allegro allows customers to verify quality and ensure accurate specifications for MLCCs used in a variety of applications, in the manufacture of high-quality printed circuit boards used in nearly every type of electronic device.

Although Allegro can process up to 20,000 chips per minute, ESI’s advanced rotary handling technology minimizes the potential for damage to the chips as the result of testing, thus increasing yield.

Allegro has the flexibility to test MLCCs from <1pF to 100µF, and provides process flexibility and maximum utilization to lower testing costs. Multiple tests are simultaneously performed on chips as small as 01005 (M0402 metric) on using ESI’s patented rotary handler technology for continuous automation and reliable productivity.

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  • MLCC Testing
  • MLCCs

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Whether you are micromachining electrical components, micro-drilling instrumentation or cutting LCD components for the latest automotive advancements, let us show you how laser micromachining transforms materials beyond the limits of mechanical tools.