Market-leading laser via drilling systems that meet the challenges of flex PCB processing and high-density interconnect processing.

HDI PCB manufacturing capability has gone mainstream. See how in this ESI white paper!

Via drilling solutions to meet the evolving challenges faced in PCB fabrication and substrate processing.

As a leading provider of laser via drilling solutions, ESI applies decades of innovation and laser processing expertise to the challenges faced by customers focused on optimizing their production capabilities and lowering production costs. Our via drilling solutions are purposefully engineered to deliver the combination of speed, accuracy and performance our customers need in order to meet the evolving set of challenges driven by a more mobile and connected world. It’s no coincidence that the world’s top flexible circuit manufacturers trust ESI with their production. Our market leadership in via drilling is driven by a focus on providing quality, reliability and low cost-of-ownership that extends across the entire via drilling systems portfolio. Regardless of the application; from the most simple coverlay cutting to advanced microvia drilling for HDI processing, ESI is the clear industry choice. 

Flex Interconnect PCB Processing Systems

ESI's flex PCB laser processing systems excel in accuracy, power control, reliability and productivity. That helps our customers achieve lower overall cost of ownership for applications ranging from the most simple coverlay cutting to today’s most advanced microvia drilling and circuit patterning processes. It's no wonder why ESI flex systems are the solution of choice among the top PCB manufacturers worldwide.

HDI solutions for Rigid PCB manufacturing and substrate processing.

Affordable Versatility

High-volume HDI manufacturing of PCBs requires precision processing of blind (BHV) and through-hole (LTH) vias. ESI’s HDI processing systems enable rigid board manufacturers to efficiently drill microvias in a wide range of copper-cladded base materials such as glass-woven reinforced epoxy resins (FR4) and other other specialty materials.

Automation Products

Maintain high-volume manufacturing with flex PCB materials.

RollMaster™ by Northfield Automation extracts maximum performance out of your ESI flexible circuit laser drilling tools. Blaze through material using ESI Model 5335’s maximum 1.5G stage acceleration with the RollMaster’s proprietary lightweight dancer design. Reduce your cycle time with RollMaster’s high-speed web indexing.

For industries facing material transformation challenges in production,  we apply unique process and engineering expertise to deliver a set of laser-based solutions that extend our customers’ processing capabilities beyond the limitations of mechanical.

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