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MicroMill Sampling Prep Device

MicroMill is a microsampling device designed for high resolution milling to recover sample powder for chemical and isotopic analysis. The combination of submicron stage resolution and positional accuracy, real-time video observation and a custom designed software system allows for sampling of complex accretionary structures in skeletal and crystalline materials.


Higher sensitivity, improved stability, and less fractionation.

  • Environmental
  • Geological
  • Forensic
  • Medical
  • Mining
  • Electronic
  • Manufacturing (metals/glass/plastics)
  • Complex crystal growth zonation: Subsampling provides high-resolution elemental isotopic chemistries, and intra-zonal variations of the crystal structure.
  • Accretionary growth structure examination: Subsampling within annual growth banding of molluscan shells allows reconstructing seasonal variations present during the life of an organism, such as a clam.
  • Rocks
  • Minerals
  • Glasses
  • Plastics
  • Powders
  • Biological
  • Thin films
  • Ceramics
  • Metals
  • Alloys


Superior performance and benchmark analytical results.

  • High-resolution stereo microscope with 6.7X to 40X optical zoom and petrographic features S-video color CCD video camera with 24.5mm to 3.3mm field of-view for imaging and digitizing of sample.
  • Independent (second) color CCD camera with 3X digital magnification for in-process viewing of mill bit.
  • Automated 50mm travel in X, Y and Z stages with sub-micron step resolution.
  • Open-stage architecture accommodates large samples.
  • Software-selectable flood and transmitted lighting.
  • Continuously adjustable (360Þ) cross polarizers.
  • Low-eccentricity, high-torque DC milling chuck with variable speed (1,200 – 35,000rpm).
  • Precision tungsten-carbide milling tools for high spatial resolution.
  • Joystick stage control for manual sample positioning.
  • MicroMill software (Windows®-based) with point-and-click functions.
  • Live video image displayed on computer monitor.
  • On-screen display of digitized and interpolated sub-sampling paths.
  • Precise depth control over entire area of sampling.
  • Z-tilt correction and contour-following functions.
  • Off-line digitized files can be read directly with software transformation of image coordinates.
  • Data record file with sample-path information and estimated sample volumes.
  • Save, recall and export images (BMP, TIF, JPG and TGA files).


Designed for analytical science in mind.

  • Sub-micron sample motion control.
  • High-precision milling.
  • Sample height detection and tilt correction by a drill-tip sensor, contour-following function.
  • Sample map navigation increases sample-area field-of-view.
  • 50mm of computer-driven sample movement on X, Y and Z axes.
  • Data/image file re-coordination, including save,recall, and export.

It’s time you put the Laser Ablation science from ESI to work for your analysis.

The development of this new technique provides our customers the ability to generate data across the periodic table at detection limits superior to traditional methods in a very cost effective manner.

Jon Landau, Vice President of the Geoanalytical Division, Bureau Veritas Minerals

By leveraging 20 years of industry experience, ESI laser ablation products deliver the finest quality analytical results to help you make your next important scientific discovery.

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