Generate higher speed, higher resolution images with the first instrument designed for the single task of bio-imaging.

The first instrument designed for the single task of bio-imaging.

Until now traditional laser ablation instruments were developed for a wide range of applications and were not designed to handle the rigors of bio-imaging.  Bio-imaging requires lower fluence, better stability and superior sample transport. The NWRimage is designed for the sole task of high resolution, high-speed bio-imaging by LA-ICP-MS.  


Experience high resolution elemental imaging with lower cost of ownership.

  • Bio-Imaging
  • Biological thin sections for medical research
  • Cellular structure for medical research and binding studies


Single solution to a single problem – how to perform high resolution bio-imaging quickly and reliably?

  • Wavelength: 266 nm
  • Repetition Rate: 1–200 Hz (extendable to 300 Hz)
  • Fluence: 6 J/cm2 at the sample surface
  • 1–65 microns


High frequency, high resolution and high magnification for high-speed reliable results

  • Stability over billions of laser shots encountered during bio-imaging applications with a high frequency, Diode Pumped Solid State laser source.
  • Maximizes ablation of the sample and eliminates ablation of the glass microscope slide to minimize substrate interferences with a 266nm wavelength laser
  • Optional second MFC for N2 flow control
  • Compatible with ESI's Dual Concentric Injector (DCI) and Bloodhound option for ultra-fast washouts <30 ms
  • Optional x25 viewing system for highest magnification sample viewing

It’s time you put the Laser Ablation science from ESI to work for your analysis.

The development of this new technique provides our customers the ability to generate data across the periodic table at detection limits superior to traditional methods in a very cost effective manner.

Jon Landau, Vice President of the Geoanalytical Division, Bureau Veritas Minerals

By leveraging 20 years of industry experience, ESI laser ablation products deliver the finest quality analytical results to help you make your next important scientific discovery.

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