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It's time to see Geode™ in Action

Experience Geode Innovation in 3D

AccelDrill - Spatial Distribution in Action

Outpace your competition by increasing your Rigid PCB throughput by drilling multiple via diameters in a single pass. Geode™ will enable you to process an extensive dynamic range of via size without changing the spot size.

HyperSonix - Time & Power in Action

Your traditional Rigid PCB via drilling system may need several pulses to ablate copper & material, reducing your production yield. Increase your throughput and accuracy with Geode’s pulse chopping capabilities to ablate copper and material with minimal pulses.

RTPC - Monitor & Control in Real Time

Discover how you can increase stability and via quality with the industry’s only real-time power control. Geode™ will enable you to actively manage power fluctuation to ensure higher productivity in your Rigid PCB processing.