ZDT StrategicCooperation Partner Award

Zhen Ding Technologies (ZDT), a manufacturer of high density interconnects (HDI) and flexible printed circuit boards (PCBs), awarded our E&S division the Strategic Cooperation Partner award, recognizing unique technology in the FPC manufacturing process.  We were also awarded an Excellent Quality award, for our ability to meet high-level product quality standards, superior application support, and on-site system service.

MKS Instruments has received ZDT’s Strategic Cooperation Partner Award and the Excellent Quality Award for 2018.  The Strategic Cooperation Partner award recognizes the one unique technology in the FPC manufacturing process.  The Excellent Quality Award is awarded to vendors who meet high level product quality standards, application support and superior onsite system service.



5335 to drill BVH and TVH

Unique technologies:

  • Ability to process a wide material set that includes current materials and next generation materials to meet ZDT’s future roadmap
  • Laser control maximizes blind via throughput and yields at lower costs

 Specific challenge solved:

  • Deliver smaller line/pitch and via sizes
  • Continue to lower customer’s running cost
  • Co-development of laser process for critical material application