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Laser Focus 5: Week of March 13, 2018

It is true. Here at ESI, we live, breath and eat technology specifically any technology related to the almighty photon. Okay, we don’t literally eat photons. I have heard they taste a bit like chicken.   So in the spirit of the mighty photon here are a collection five fascinating articles and particles of news we found interesting this week.  Enjoy and may the power of light be with you.

Flexible Medical Sensors

Data Against Dehydration: This Wireless Sweat Patch Powered By Jet Engine Tech Could Help Athletes, Air Force Pilots Stay In Top Shape

The closest I have gotten to being a pilot is watching Top Gun, and if watching college basketball counts as being an athlete then this sweat patch is for me. The technology is fascinating with far-reaching implications for helping us lead healthier and safer lives.

My favorite quote from the article:

“Wearable devices already are having a dramatic impact in changing the healthcare system,” GE’s Alizadeh says. “But we believe if you can buy these devices at very low cost like you buy a box of Band-Aids, the impact could be transformative.”

Seriously for the price of a Band-Aid. Awesome.


supply chain predictions

10 Bright Predictions for the New World Supply Chain

Interesting article by Hailey Lyne McKeefry, Editor in Chief of EBN Online to get you thinking about the how transformations in digital technology could affect the modern supply chain. And yes one of the bright predictions includes the use of blockchain technologies.


Apple Patents 

Apple Granted 41 Patents Today Covering the Technology behind AirPods, a Design for the iPhone SE and more

Our market intelligence team is always checking the latest patents and advancements in the consumer electronics space. This week I took a glance at the site “Patently Apple” and got a glance about plans to improve the voice quality of the AirPods.   I literally can’t wait for my next conference call.


autonomous cars and lasers

Autonomous cars could peep around corners via bouncing laser

A group of Stanford Engineers from the Computational Imaging recently published a paper outlining the use of Lidar and a series of algorithms to discern the shape of an object on the far side of an object.   The advancements in autonomous cars is an exciting space, and I am looking forward to seeing how lasers can play a role in not only the navigation system but the use of ultrafast, precise laser micromachining systems on the production of the components needed to power the innovation in the automotive space. Great times ahead for the mighty photon.


 hybrid flexible electronics

AFRL, NextFlex leverage open-source community to create flexible circuit system

You got to love a first in any breakthrough technology. An Air Force Research Laboratory-led project in conjunction with NextFlex, America’s Flexible Hybrid Electronics Institute, has resulted in the first-ever, functional samples of flexible Arduino circuit board systems. The systems are using a flexible hybrid electronics manufacturing process, setting the stage for smart technologies for the internet of things and sensor applications like wearable devices.

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