Laser Demo: 45 Garnet LIRO Automation

Garnet SMEMA Automation

Laser Demo: 45 is a series of laser-focused videos that highlight a specific capability of an ESI laser system.  This particular video post highlights the left to right automation capabilities of the ESI's Garnet laser micromachining system. The automation system is SMEMA compliant and meets the specifications for single board transfer from the left conveyor into the system processed to the right of the system.

The Garnet is optimized to deliver high volume production throughput for laser marking, laser cutting, laser engraving, laser drilling and advanced PCB singulation at the highest accuracy of a mid-range laser.

See the Garnet SMEMA compatible automation in action.


Laser Demo :45 Garnet SMEMA Automation from ESI on Vimeo.


ESI engineers and technicians busy at work optimizing the automation system for Garnet Laser MicromachingSystem.

SMEMA Automation



Interested in additional information regarding the Garnet system visit the Garnet product page.



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