Are Your Laser Capabilities Ready For 5g?

How You Can Rethink Your Laser Material Interaction


This episode of beyond the photon takes you behind the science of laser material interaction to explain why materials such as PTFE will be the backbone for how data connects devices, people, IOT, autonomous automobiles, and Industry 4.0

Dr. Zhang provides insights into the current challenges and new opportunities in PCB manufacturing. You will get an understanding of the latest applications and materials emerging to deliver the future of communication - the 5G revolution.  

The PCB industry is fast at work delivering solutions to support the new advancements in the marketplace. Now is the time to make sure your laser PCB drilling and cutting capabilities support the advanced materials and tighter design rules that will drive the economy of the future.  Go Beyond the Photon. 


About Haibin Zhang, Ph.D.
Director of Strategic Marketing
Equipment & Solutions Division
MKS Instruments, Inc

Haibin Zhang has extensive experience in the capital equipment business from both business and technology perspectives. He currently focuses on new business opportunities through technology innovations that drive both top and bottom lines.  Haibin has shared his expertise in semiconductor and PCB packaging, lasers, high accuracy equipment, and their applications in consumer electronic, semiconductor, solid state lighting, and photovoltaic markets in talks at conferences around the world.

Haibin has a Ph.D., Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto and an MBA from Portland State University. 

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