7 steps to add laser processing to your flex production


Get an inside look at the advantages and implications of laser processing for flex PCB and learn the steps that ESI has seen other major companies have followed as they step up to laser processing for flex.

Ebook Forward by ESI's CEO

Looking out across the landscape of the electronics value chain, it can sometimes be difficult to anticipate
the opportunities and challenges that manufacturers will face next. In the race to better leverage the ever-increasing speed, expanding access and enabling power of the internet, manufacturers of the circuits, components and devices that are such an indispensable part of our daily lives are under pressure to do more, do it faster and do it more profitably. Yet, even though it may be hard to see where the next challenge will come from, one thing is certain; the market pressure on manufacturers to deliver smaller, higher-quality and more- capable devices will only increase. And it will force them to continue to innovate and keep up, or lose out to those that have. ESI has been helping our customers address these challenges and successfully innovate to create value for over 70 years. As the leading provider of solutions for flex PCB laser processing, we continue to offer customers a unique combination of experience, technology and expertise across a wide range of FPC applications.

Whether you already have experience with FPC laser processing or are just getting started, I think you will find the information in this eBook helpful. It’s meant as a “how-to” guide to understanding the options, trade-offs, challenges and rewards of supplementing your flex circuit production capabilities with laser processing. We look forward to helping you optimize your FPC production as we continue to deliver the tools, solutions and support that enable you to power the innovation that will keep you ahead.

Michael Burger
Chief Executive Officer, ESI

Each chapter of the ebook takes you through a specific step for addling laser processing capabilities to your flex circuit production. Measures include:

1: Laser technology for flex processing
Manufacturing flow and considerations in adopting laser-processing capabilities

2: Calculating and Optimizing Production
How to calculate and optimize total system cost of ownership and cost per panel

3: Readiness and Site Preparation
Getting your facilities ready for the introduction of laser processing

4: Installation, Training and Initial Operation
How to get your new system installed and processing those first runs

5: Process Development
Tips and tricks for developing effective flexible circuit laser processes

6: Maintenance and Servicing
How to minimize system maintenance and repair costs while prolonging useful life

7: Automating Flex PCB Laser Processing

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