Can you engineer innovation to learn faster than your competitors?


Innovation is a game of variation, selection, and retention.  It’s to learn faster than your competitors.

Today you must out-innovate. In the world of micro fabrication, you are required to process new advanced materials at lower costs with higher yields than at any point in the industrial age. The emergence of new end markets in 5G, IOT, Smart Auto, and AR/VR will only accelerate the pace of innovation and the rate at which you must out learn your competition.

  • How are innovators building strategic frameworks to choose lasers and analyze materials?
  • What equipment are innovators using to process new materials to stay one step ahead?
  • Do new end market demands require the rethinking of laser systems and architectures?

Begin to answer these questions by downloading Dr. Haibin Zhang's latest presentation given to the OSA Laser Congress. Keep checking our Synthesis news feed for additional updates from our laser experts and may the pulse be with you.

Here's a glimpse of the content within Laser based microfabrication systems for electronics packaging:

Understand how lasers are used in micro electronics and start thinking of the challenges ahead



Discover three variables that must be considered as prepare to evaluate your current and future laser system needs


New materials rethink laser material interaction


Thinking through the right configuration of lasers, pulse durations and via beam steering technology to process a wide range of material

Review results across materials and laser
system architectures


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