Can you remain competitive if your production capabilities can't efficiently handle low-K materials and thin wafers?

Ultrus breaks through the challenges related to heat-affected zones and die-break strength.

High-throughput, high-accuracy solutions for processing thinner and more fragile materials.

ESI’s laser-based semiconductor solutions are designed to provide semiconductor manufacturers with new options for reducing production costs, improving quality and increasing back-end yields. Whether it’s ultrafast high-pulse-rate laser technology for high volume wafer scribing, or specialized lasers for wafer marking and fuse processing for memory repair, ESI’s 40 years of laser-material interaction expertise delivers production-oriented systems that help our customers innovate to meet challenges in production.

ESI’s proprietary beam positioning technology provides high-throughput, high-accuracy solutions that address the challenges associated with processing thinner and more fragile materials.

Although laser-based platforms have become essential for cost-effective wafer processing, the adoption of more fragile materials and thinner wafers has presented semiconductor manufacturers with processing challenges related to maintaining high throughput at high accuracy while minimizing the risk of damage to the material—and thereby decreasing yields. ESI helps our semiconductor manufacturing customers address those new challenges and innovate to stay competitive.

Just keeping pace with Moore’s Law requires constant innovation across their processing operations. ESI’s systems directly address specific hurdles related to using lasers efficiently for semiconductor processing applications; giving semiconductor manufacturers the ability to more accurately process materials — both current and next-generation — at higher speeds than has been previously possible.

Wafer Scribe Applications

ESI’s wafer scribe solutions deal employ ultrafast high-pulse-rate lasers and ESI’s proprietary beam positioning technology to provide a high-throughput, high-accuracy scribing that addresses the challenges associated with processing thinner and more fragile materials.

  • Maintain higher die break strength (DBS).
  • Minimize heat affected zones (HAZ).
  • Process newer low-k materials and thin wafers in high-volume production without risking damage to the underlying devices.

Wafer Marking Applications

ESI’s WaferMark® series laser systems are the recognized industry leaders for both soft mark and hard mark wafer marking applications. ESI’s wafer marking solutions provide the high degree of traceability and product identification required by leading semiconductor manufacturers.

  • Soft mark wafer marking
  • Hard mark wafer marking

Memory Repair Applications

ESI is pushing boundaries with semiconductor laser fuse processing. With state-of-the-art laser positioning, ESI's world-class production systems use precise laser energy to boost yields in the production of next-generation devices.

  • DRAM
  • SRAM
  • Embedded memory

For industries facing material transformation challenges in production,  ESI applies unique process and engineering expertise to deliver a set of laser-based solutions that extend our customers’ processing capabilities beyond the limitations of mechanical.

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