Not every laser cutter can withstand the demands of high-production depaneling. Will your tool pass the test?

Master the challenges of laser depaneling

Maximize yields with a laser designed for high performance, accuracy and precision

Building today's smaller, more densely packed consumer electronics and medical devices with mechanical cutting systems is no longer feasible. To help improve manufacturing throughput and device performance, the trend toward miniaturization is driving printed circuit designers and manufacturers to place multiple devices on larger panels. Before these devices can be used they must be first cut out of the larger panels, or “depaneled.” ESI laser cutting machines enable a cost-effective, non-contact depaneling method that can:

  • Achieve faster production and delivery times
  • Reduce thermal stress and avoid burning
  • Eliminate downtime from calibration
  • Sustain a debris-free work surface through the entire production run

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ESI’s most powerful laser tool for PCB cutting

The Garnet Depaneling-20 is ESI’s most powerful laser tool designed for flexible and rigid PCB cutting applications.  Built in China for fast delivery to Chinese manufacturing.  Optimized for precision and high production throughput to maximize your production cycle over the market's less reliable laser tools that require frequent calibration and maintenance to remain operational in production environments. Now you can meet yield requirements, reduce overall production costs and build for future production opportunities with a single tool that is engineered to eliminate constant callibaration and built to provide consistent up time.  


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  • DSSP
  • 355nm
  • 40 Khz-300KHZ (20w)
  • 300 x 300 mm
  • Single fixture processing

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