Laser Microprocessing

Get consistently precise throughput to drive yields

Customizable laser repetition rates and wavelength power control delivers precise power

ESI’s portfolio of solid state lasers is engineered specifically for quick, efficient removal of a variety of materials.   The latest advancements in beam delivery allow engineers to increase productivity at micron scales.   Decades of laser expertise provide you easy to maintain and operate laser systems at a low cost of ownership that will deliver more power with greater flexibility.  

The output wavelength selection capability (IR, Green, UV) and the energy level options (low, medium, high) allow processing most of the thin layers material with complex design stacks. The ESI solid state lasers with the combination of microscope objectives give to our customers a versatile tool from R&D phase to mass production.

QuikLaze supported microscopes:

Microscope Manufacture Model Wavelength
Mitutoyo FS60
VM Zoom
Green, UV3
IR, Green, UV3
Green, UV3
IR, Green, UV3
IR, Green, UV3
Optem A-Zoom I, II IR, Green, UV3
Seiwa PS-888L IR, Green, UV3
Motic PSM1000 IR, Green, UV3

Recommended wavelength and objectives for various laser microprocessing1 operations:

Sample Material Cut Size Microscope Lens Wavelength
LCD repair: remove ITO short 15 x1 10µm 50X NIR 1064 nm
LCD repair: remove chrome short 15 x 220 µm 50X NIR 1064 nm
MCM module: cut gold line 20 x 300 µm
15 µm deep
50X 532 nm
Semiconductor device: Polymide removal 130 x 200 µm
3 µm deep
50X UV3 355 nm
Trim gold capacitor 25 x 60 µm 20X 532 nm
Flex circuit: remove Kapton 20 x 100 µm
20 µm deep
50X UV3 355 nm
Flex circuit: cut copper line 15 x 10 µm 50X UV3 355 nm

ESI also provides individual solid state lasers without the micromachining kit. The kit includes manual or motorized stage, microscope, eye piece 10X, manual focus block, manual turret, stand, desktop computer, camera kit, USB joystick, illuminator, micromachining software.


Quick, easy material removal to improve yield

QuikLaze 50ST2 is a tool designed specifically for quick, easy removal of a variety of materials. Multiple, user-selectable wavelengths provide the capability to selectively remove certain materials while leaving others unaffected. A few examples of the procedures that can be efficiently performed using QuikLaze include:

  • Remove ITO shorts—cut metal traces on LCD panels 
  • Remove polyimide prior to FIB edits

The system can vastly improve yield for LCD production by quickly repairing defects and removing shorts. The QuikLaze laser system features an Advanced Beam Delivery System (ABDS). The ABDS enables precise cuts on a microscopic level for each of the three wave-length regions (infrared, visible or ultraviolet). The system also provides precise power control of the wavelength selectable beam without sacrificing the beam characteristics.

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  • Micromachining
  • LCD Repair
  • Failure Analysis
  • Microprocessing
  • Material removal
  • Cutting circuit lines

Industry-leading energy stability and beam uniformity

Polaris-300 extends ESI’s portfolio of FPD repair lasers with a targeted OEM product specifically designed to meet the needs for LCD production and especially for the emerging OLED manufacturing technologies. Polaris-300 also enables applications for medical device manufacturing, laser ablation, laser annealing and high energy spectroscopy.

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  • LCD Manufacturing
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Microprocessing
  • Laser Ablation
  • Laser Annealing
  • High Energy Spectroscopy

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For industries facing material transformation challenges in production,  ESI applies unique process and engineering expertise to deliver a set of laser-based solutions that extend our customers’ processing capabilities beyond the limitations of mechanical.

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