SST 98xx



This five-day course is designed to introduce new model Model 98xx users to the fundamentals of the Yield Enhancement System and how to set up and run existing Applications.


5 Days


Users responsible for device setup and optimization
Users who wish to review their existing setup and optimization knowledge and techniques
Maintenance Personnel


Familiarity with the Lynix operating system.
Familiarity with your system's intended application.
Basic understanding of semiconductor test and repair processes.



A fully functional Model 98xx system and the 98xx Applicatons guide

Demonstrate the ability to navigate the file system and perform routine maintenance. Safely startup and shutdown the system. Set up and run a system application.

System must successfully run customer product, or suitable mock up.


Day 1

  • Software Overview
  • Directory Structure
  • Wafer logs
  • Hardware overview
  • Block Diagrams
  • Hardware Components
  • Laser Safety Tape
  • Lab
  • Point out features on training system
  • System startup and shutdown
  • MYI overview
  • Starting MYI software
  • Diagnostic environment
  • Calibration environment
  • Runtime environment
  • Recipe environment
Day 2
  • Recipe
  • Wafer Design
  • Learn From Wafer
  • Processing Parameters
  • Lab

Day 3

  • Recipe
  • Wafer ID
  • Verification
  • Lab
  • Runtime
  • Basic operations
Day 4
  • Apps Program
  • MYI-Apps interface
  • Directory structure
  • RCS commands
  • Setting up directories

Day 5

  • Apps Program
  • Default algorithms
  • Bit stream algorithm
  • Modifying pre-existing algorithms
  • Testing Algorithms

Course Cost