SMT 9850

Basic Maintenance


This course will provide students with the skills to maintain ESI-Model 9850 systems in production and R&D environments. Instruction includes: system layout, operation, and safety; all calibrations; and use of the hardware and software support tools used to test and verify proper operation of the 9850 major sub-systems. Course is divided between morning lectures and afternoon labs and is centered around completing all required calibrations for the system.
Instruction methods used include:

  • Lecture
  • Demonstration
  • Hands-on Practice


5 Days


Users responsible for system maintenance and troubleshooting.
Users responsible for device setup and optimization.
Users who wish to review their existing system maintenance techniques, and application optimization knowledge.


Familiarity with your Model 9850's intended application. Technician-level knowledge of analog and digital electronics and electronic test equipment operation. General knowledge of micro or mini computers and peripheral devices will be useful, as well as familiarity with logic fundamentals and motion control systems.


  • A fully functional model 9850 system
  • The Model 9850 manual set including SAT (System Acceptance Test)

Perform preventive maintenance as documented to maintain system performance.
Use System Diagnostic Software to adjust and troubleshoot the system.
Complete the 9850 Preventive Maintenance procedures.

Standards: System must meet published calibration and verification standards as written in the 9850 SAT.


Day 1: System Overviews

  • Laser Safety
  • System Overview
  • Repair Process Overview
  • Calibration Overview
  • System Tour Lab

 Day 2: Wafer Handler

  • Wafer Handler Cal
  • Pneumatics/Vacuum
  • Air Handler
  • Robot Diagnostics

Day 3: Calibrations

  • Laser Energy Cal
  • Vision Cal
  • Camera Position Cal
  • Laser Position Cal 

 Day 4: Calibrations (cont)

  • Programmable Spot Cal
  • PS Verification
  • Tilt Plate Adjustments
  Day 5:
  • Beam Positioner
  • Accuracy Testing
  • System Troubleshooting
  • Review Q and A

Course Cost