SMT 53xx

System Maintenance


This course will provide students with the skills to maintain ESI-Model 53xx systems in productions and R&D environments.  Instruction includes: system operation; routine maintenance procedures; and use of the hardware and software support tools used to test and verify proper operation of the 53xx major sub-systems. Course is divided between lectures and labs.

Instruction methods used include:

  • Lecture
  • Demonstration
  • Hands-on Practice


5 Days


Maintenance Technicians, Equipment Engineers, Maintenance Supervisors, Equipment Managers, R&D


Familiar with your Model 53xx intended application. Technician-level knowledge of analog and
digital electronics and electronic test equipment operation. General knowledge of micro- or mini- computers and peripheral devices will be useful, as well as familiarity with logic fundamentals.



  • A fully functional model 53xx system and the required tools and fixtures.
  • The Model 53xx manual set including SAT (System Acceptance Test).

Perform complete system start-up and shut-down, routine preventive maintenance, verification, and then set up and run an existing application. Use the LynxOS software to maintain files and run application programs.

Standards: System must meet published calibration and verification standards as written in the 53xx SAT.


Day 1: Lecture

  • System Component Location and Function
  • System Specifications (5330 Brochure)
  • Power up and down procedures
  • Booting the computer and login
  • System Initializations, Global and subsystem
  • System interlocks and safety

Day 2: Lab / Demonstration

  • MMB Diagnostics
  • Illuminator Control
  • Z-stage Control
  • IIOM - Group
  • BP Diagnostic - Group
  • Navigate BP - Group

Day 3: Lab / Demonstration

  • Laser power supply and Chiller
  • Normal Optic Alignment (Overview Only)
  • Galvo Shutter Alignment
  • Camera Calibrations
  • Scanner Accuracy Calibration and verification

Day 4: Lab / Demonstration

  • Calibrate Laser Power
  • LPC Alignment / Calibration
  • Verify Beam Positioner
  • Basic Preventive Maintenance
Day 5: Lab / Demonstration
  • SAT review - verify ability to perform limited system acceptance tests
  • Service applications (backing up system files and downloading error log files)
  • Subject Review

Course Cost