SMT 4990

Basic Maintenance and Introduction to Applications


This five-day course is designed to introduce model 4990 users to the maintenance, calibration, basic optics alignment, and troubleshooting of the system. The students will also learn how to set up and run existing applications.


5 Days


Users responsible for system maintenance and troubleshooting.
Users responsible for device setup and optimization.
Users who wish to review their existing system maintenance techniques, and application optimization knowledge.


Familiarity with Windows operating system, and a basic knowledge of DOS.
Familiarity with your system's intended application
Basic understanding of laser thin film trimming process


  • A fully functional model 4990 system
  • The Model 4990 manual set including the 4990 SAT (System Acceptance Test)

Perform full system startup, basic system maintenance with laser alignment, calibration, and complete shutdown of the system.  Navigate the basic system files, set up and run an example trim.

Standards:  Upon completion the system must meet published calibration and verification standards as written in the 4990 SAT within the allotted time.  System must successfully trim a sample part.


Subject to modification based upon student, instructor requirements.

Day 1 System Introduction
  • Laser Safety
  • System Description (Block Diagram)
  • Operator Control Group, System Control Group, Measurement Group, Beam Control Group
  • TLV and FFL Viewing, Laser/ Beam Positioner, Power Distribution Box, Laser Power Supply
  • 4990 Host/Test Architecture
  • Graphical Trim Environment Introduction
  • Windows and Mouse Operation
  • Opening & Running Checkers
  • Setups for Checkers
  • Running Datalog for Checkers
  • System board locations and interlocks.
  • System power supplies and power up/ down.

Day 2 Maintenance

  • Laser/ Beam positioning location and adjustment.
  • Power distribution and Laser power supply.
  • Maintenance/Optics
  • Beam Positioner Optics
  • Stored Data Group
  • Beam Positioner Group
  • Measurement Group
  • Stand alone checkers
  • Additional checkers


Day 3 and 4 Maintenance Cont.

  • Diode Replacement
  • System cleaning
  • Galvo removal and replacement
  • Align beam to work surface
  • Align and scale cameras
  • Setting Galvo drive board
  • Step & Repeat Handler
  • Theory of Operation
  • Mechanical Alignment of Forcer
  • Diagnostic Patterns
  • Cleaning Platen
  • Checking for Air Flow and Table

Day 4 and 5 Applications

  • File system
  • Trim Applications
  • Setting up a trim
  • Running an example trim