SMT 2100

Basic Maintenance and Introduction to Applications


This five-day course is designed to introduce model 2100 users to the maintenance, calibration, basic optics alignment, and troubleshooting of the system. The students will also learn how to set up and run existing applications.


5 Days


Users responsible for device setup and optimization
Users who wish to review their existing setup and optimization knowledge and techniques
Maintenance Personnel


Familiarity with Windows operating system
Familiarity with your system's intended application
Basic understanding of laser thin film trimming process


  • A fully functional model 2100 system and Prober
  • The Model 2100 Manual Set including SAT (System Acceptance Test)

Align the 2100 Optic Table, perform full system calibration, and then set up and run an existing application.

- System must meet published calibration and verification standards as written in the 2100 SAT.


Day 1:
  • System and Laser Safety
  • System Description (Layout and Operation)
  • Mechanical Alignments

Day 2:

  • Optical Alignments

Day 3:

  • Optical Alignments (cont.)
  • Calibration, Verification
  • Diagnostics, Troubleshooting

Day 4:

  • Software overview
  • Tester/Prober interface
Day 5:
  • Setup software
  • Questions, additional labs, customer parts

Course Cost