You’re defining the future. ESI delivers on your vision.

We can help you make your design one in a million, literally. Transforming materials within the infinite range of laser light guarantees differentiation and delivers the unique qualities of texture, appearance, function, and touch that you strive for. And, by replicating your design exactly, from the very first to the 10 millionth, ESI ensures that the perfection built into your design endures.

Introducing the Lumen™ series – the ultimate in cost-for-performance micro machining solutions

The new Lumen Series represents the culmination of ESI’s knowledge gained as the pioneering innovator in laser-based manufacturing solutions for the micro-machining industry. Whether you’re designing the next breakthrough in wearable electronics or simply looking to add distinctive features, our laser-based solutions can help you achieve significant design advancements and lower manufacturing costs.

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