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Secure the long-term future of our planet.

"ESI's Laser Ablation products provide an unprecedented level of capability to cutting edge environmental studies. The ability of laser ablation to spatially resolve measurements down to 2µm allows environmental scientists to probe the climatological record season-by-season by analyzing samples as diverse as stalagmites, tree rings and fish ear bones.

Scientists can also unlock the historical record of pollution in the atmosphere, oceans, soils and plants right up to the present day. ESI is committed to providing technologically advanced solutions for climatologists and environmental scientists to continue their invaluable research to help us secure the long-term future of our ever-changing planet."


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NWRFemtoUC is the only fully integrated femtosecond laser ablation system. The...


NWR193UC is the 4th generation, high performance, ArF excimer based laser...


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