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Winning the Battle Against Disease

ESI’s laser micromachining systems possess wide versatility and remarkable accuracy that allows users to switch between two wavelengths (532nm/355nm), while performing micro-precision cutting of various materials and surfaces.  While the average human hair has a diameter of between 17µm to 181µm, the tool’s high precision enables researchers to work with wires as small as 5um in diameter.  The system yields sharp and repeatable results which range from simple holes to complex patterns. 

The systems are used by researchers in the production of micro-wires and circuitry.  It is believed that the wires and circuitry—which could eventually be implanted into the human brain—will conduct minute amounts of electrical current to specific areas of the brain to lessen the impairment of motor skills associated with Parkinson’s disease.  ESI systems are enabling revolutionary research and development to counter the effects of neurological disorders in humans.

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