ESI brings precision and yield that pushes the boundaries.

These are just some ways that ESI is helping manufacturers deliver better products profitability.

ESI’s sophisticated laser systems provide critical data on airflow and other fluid characteristics that is essential in the design of automobiles and automobile components. For example, the company’s particle image velocimetry (PIV) tools can measure airflow inside a car cabin, which helps enable the development of better heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

ESI’s sophisticated laser systems provide critical analytical data for a variety of scientific disciplines, including forensics. For example, in conjunction with mass spectrometry, the company’s technology can be used to obtain extremely small samples of solid materials, such as bone fragments and hair, which can then be analyzed to identify trace elements that match other samples. ESI’s solid sampling systems can also be used for gem fingerprinting.

ESI’s sophisticated laser systems enable micro-precision cutting of a variety of materials and surfaces, making the technology uniquely suited for biomedical applications. For example, ESI’s systems are currently being used by research institutions to produce micro-wires and circuitry that can eventually be implanted in the human brain to combat the effects of numerous neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.

ESI’s sophisticated laser systems provide critical analytical data for a variety of scientific disciplines, including earth, space, chemistry and anthropology. For example, the company’s laser ablation tools can measure the age and elemental composition of materials, such as rock strata, with a high degree of precision and speed.

"ESI's Laser Ablation products provide an unprecedented level of capability to cutting edge environmental studies. The ability of laser ablation to spatially resolve measurements down to 2µm allows environmental scientists to probe the climatological record season-by-season by analyzing samples as diverse as stalagtites, tree rings and fish ear bones.

ESI's unique PyroFlex™ laser-based platform delivers the most state-of-the-art solution to meet modern manufacturing needs for solar cells. To date, the PyroFlex™ platform has enabled many different solar applications, including EWT via drilling, laser-fired contacts, laser doping for selective emitter, edge isolation and thin-film scribing.