Bullet Automatic Wafer Identification System

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The Bullet is a portable device that accurately reads and scribes the majority of semiconductor wafer ID codes made today. The system performs at a very high throughput. It delivers technologically advanced features such as high quality illumination for all mark scribes including hard, soft, and “super soft.”

  • With a simple electronic interface made for selecting light type and adjusting light intensity—all in an extremely small OCR read head. 

  • The tool offers a robust illumination system with ten light modes at 16 intensities each, and a patented telecentric on-axis narrow angle dark field lighting configuration that solves soft mark illumination problems.

  • ESI’s Bullet is a complete solution which easily integrates into existing OEM platforms.

  • Higher throughput and process tracking is available for machines such as wafer sorters, wafer probers, optical inspection tools, cluster tools and other processing tools that require automatic wafer identification.