Semiconductor Vision Systems

ESI leads the pack in wafer identification and alignment technology. We continue to pioneer new vision technology for semiconductor manufacturers. All of ESI's core business areas utilize ESI Vision subsystems to solve the industry's toughest challenges. OEM customers benefit from the luxury of utilizing a complete hardware and software solutions provider with significant experience in integrating machine vision technology.

Our newest line of wafer-reading solutions is redefining standards for machine vision. The ESI Bullet™ Wafer ID Camera reduces reader real estate by more than 50% and accurately reads scribes, anywhere, at the highest throughput read rates available in the semiconductor manufacturing environment.

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The Bullet is a portable device that accurately reads and scribes the majority of semiconductor wafer ID codes made today. The system performs at a very high throughput. It delivers technologically advanced features such as high quality illumination for all mark scribes including hard, soft, and “super soft.