Model 9850TPIR+, Dual-Beam, Tailored-Pulse Laser Link-Processing System

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The Model 9850TPIR+ is designed to meet the needs of an ample variety of DRAM, FLASH and embedded memory devices.

The requirements of new generations of high-speed chips are driving the industry towards increased wiring density and increased interconnect complexity.

  •  Additional metal interconnect layers (Cu and Al) are being added that impact the variability and thickness of the overlying fuse dielectric and other fuse topography variations.

  • The Model 9850TPIR+ features ESI’s Proprietary Tailored Pulse Laser. The Tailored Pulse Laser offers advanced capability beyond that of existing diode-pumped and fiber laser sources.

  • The laser pulse temporal profile of the 9850TPIR+ can be programmed to a wide variety of shapes and customized to the requirements of a particular device.  One example of a Tailored Pulse shape is the “chair shaped pulse.” This has been optimized to provide a high peak of energy with a fast rise time that ruptures the overlying fuse dielectric quickly and efficiently. The pulse is then quickly attenuated, and a lower energy is applied to cleanly remove the remaining fuse material. This combination of efficient oxide removal and “gentle” cleaning out of the remaining metal, gives an unprecedented increase in process window and highest yields.